Cheese Pairings
Made with Dragon’s Milk
10 mins


Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout
Various Cheeses
Accoutrements (Pickles, crackers, etc.)
Moody Blue

Moody Blue is a classic blue cheese, which is delightfully creamy with a subtle smokey flavor. Made from the freshest Wisconsin cow milk, it is smoked over fruit wood which results in a sultry, mouth watering flavor with hints of roasted nuts and coffee.

Why it Works with Dragon’s Milk: The roasty notes of Dragon’s Milk match similar flavors found in the cheese, and the sweet vanilla and bourbon heat provide a perfect compliment to the smoky undertones. The light carbonation of the beer also washes away the fattiness of the cheese, getting you ready for the next delicious bite.

Midnight Moon

Aged six months or more, Midnight Moon is a blushing, ivory-colored goat cheese that’s nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish. Similar to a Gouda, as Midnight Moon ages, protein crystals form and lend a slight crunch to the otherwise dense and smooth cheese.

Why it Works with Dragon’s Milk: Those nutty, caramel flavors paired with the rich flavors of Dragon’s Milk almost create a ‘culinary Dragon’s Milk Reserve’! The flavors perfectly complement each other for a pairing that runs on the sweeter side of things.

Delice De Bourgogne

A tribute to small scale industrial French cheese-making, Delice de Bourgogne (Burgundy) is produced by Fromagerie Lincet. The pasteurized triple creme (75% butterfat in dry matter) marries full-fat cow milk with fresh cream, producing an unapologetically rich, whipped delight. Unlike many straightforward triple-cremes, this one has a thin, pungent mold rind that imparts straw and mushroom aromas, complementing the buttery yellow, sweet cream interior.

Why it Works with Dragon’s Milk: There is great counterpoint that’s vividly clear upon the first taste of this pairing – the buttery and salty cheese immediately brings forward the chocolate and roast in Dragon’s Milk, especially if neither beer nor cheese are too cool. Another interesting pairing effect is created when both the beer and cheese are in your mouth at the same time (cheese first, if you don’t want to make a mess). A whole new flavor is created as the notable acidity in the cheese mingles with the sweetness of the beer. You have to taste this to truly experience it. There’s a brightness that fools the mind into tasting lemony citrus before things get salty then sweet again. Make sure to get enough beer with it to wash everything down clean. Quite the thrill ride!

The pairing takes on different complexities as you taste the beer against the cheese with some rind and without any rind. The rind brings forward more earthiness and magnifies the saltiness so be sure to try each way!