HE LEGEND BEGINS two decades ago, as a single-barrel experiment slumbered in the back of the New Holland cellar. Brett Vanderkamp’s curiosity was lit by tales of cider aged in whisky casks.

He set out to design a beer that showcased the bourbon barrels as a key ingredient, as important as the carefully-selected barley and hops. The result was an overwhelming success, sparking burgeoning fanfare and demand. The Bourbon Barrel Stout flourished from an annual small batch release to what it is today – the #1 selling American-made stout.

The beer lineup expanded to include other bourbon barrel-aged styles, and the highly coveted Reserve and Triple Mash releases. We’ve moved proverbial mountains to bring the highest quality bourbon barrel-aged beers to nearly every state in the country and a multitude of locations overseas.

In 2005, the Dragon’s Milk brand once again spread its wings; refabricating a century-old American pot-still and becoming Michigan’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition. Inspired by our brewing heritage, we crafted our now-signature high-malt bourbon recipe that laid the groundwork for our current lineup of bourbon expressions.

Our flagship Beer Barrel Bourbon was born from the same curiosity that delivered our original stout. We asked ourselves what could happen if we flipped the aging process from ‘beer in bourbon casks’ to ‘bourbon in beer casks.’ The result: the world’s original ‘stouted’ bourbon.

We’ve continued pushing the boundaries of distilling with award winning and innovative products such as Origin Small Batch Bourbon, flavored Beer Barrel Bourbons, and ready-to-serve cocktails.

As stewards of the legend of Dragon’s Milk, we’re excited that you’ve chosen to join us on this journey. Like pioneers of old, we celebrate our history and embrace the future with hopes of discovering new treasures. The adventure continues…