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How do you improve upon legend? A few years ago, our brewers were tackling this very question. Taking our beloved Dragon’s Milk, they ramped it up in every way to create something even bigger and bolder. After three separate mashes, a delicate lautering, and a year’s slumber in New Holland Spirits barrels, Dragon’s Milk Triple Mash was born. The rest, as they say, is history.


Dragon’s Milk Triple Mash is aged in New Holland Spirits oak barrels. Intense malt character is paired with the toasted notes of American white oak.


April 27, 2019

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Triple Mash Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout


50 – 55 ºF










Oak & malts combine to bring a chocolate, caramel & vanilla flavor.



Carefully selected malts for a depth of flavor & flaked barley for rich body & texture.


Bourbon forward with an oak finish & purified Lake Michigan water for a warming & smooth experience.


Join us for the official release at either of our New Holland Brewing pub locations on Saturday, April 27th.

Dragon’s Milk Triple Mash will be available on draft and in our retail store starting at 10am EST! Early access for Mug Club members will begin at 9am EST.

Event Locations & Details


Triple Mash 4-packs will cost $24.99 each (plus tax + deposit) with a limit of one case per customer/per day.

It will also be available on draft, as well as a special “Flight of the Dragon” sampler that features Triple Mash along with Dragon’s Milk, Dragon’s Milk White, and Dragon’s Milk: Brewer’s Select (2019), aged in a first-use bourbon barrel, hand-selected from our cellar just for this occasion!


Join us for our first ever Tour of Legends: Ultimate Dragon’s Milk Experience. Tickets are $75 and include one (1) four-pack of 2019 Triple Mash one (1) limited-edition Triple Mash Teku beer glass, and a Triple Mash sticker.

Friday, April 26 – Grand Rapids

Join us at The Knickerbocker on Friday, April 26th at 6:30pm for our first ever ​Tour of Legends: Ultimate Dragon’s Milk Experience​. Guests will see Dragon’s Milk just as our brewers do, in various stages of production. You will taste Dragon’s Milk right from the barrel! First- and second-use Dragon’s Milk barrels will be brought direct from the Dragon’s Milk cellar to The Knickerbocker for this tour only.

Tickets are $75 and include a (1) four-pack of 2019 Triple Mash the day before it’s released! You will also take home a limited-edition Triple Mash Teku beer glass and Triple Mash sticker. Tickets can be purchased below:

Saturday, April 27 – Holland

There will also be two ​Tour of Legends: Ultimate Dragon’s Milk Experience​ on Saturday, April 27th (12pm & 2:30P) at our Production Facility in Holland, Michigan. Guests will meet at New Holland Brewing Pub on 8th and ride a shuttle to our Production Facility and back. Attendees will taste unhopped wort, post-boil hopped wort, fermented pre-barrel, first-use barrel, second-use barrel, Dragon’s Milk, two Dragon’s Milk Reserves and Triple Mash.

Tickets are $75 and include a (1) four-pack of 2019 Triple Mash, a limited-edition Triple Mash Teku beer glass and Triple Mash sticker. Tickets can be purchased below: ​


There will be two separate lines outside each of our buildings: one for the public, and one for Mug Club members. We ask that you stand in your respective line.


Grand Rapids

11am–2pm: Hannah Rose and the Gravestones
3–5pm: The Zannies
6–8pm: Flexadecibel


1-4pm: Coty Bouchard
5-8pm: ​Rich Burkholder

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