Throughout the ages, Dragon’s Milk has been a term used to describe a liquid worthy of celebration, a reward at the end of the journey.

Dragon’s Milk Solera is representative of both the journey and the reward, and how both can evolve into something unexpected along the way.


Aged in a series of American oak foeders using a blending technique known as solera, nuanced flavors of caramel, toffee & fig create an experience made to be savored. This legendary ale will continue to evolve with each pull from the foeders, becoming more complex over time.


Foeder-Aged Ale

Serving Temp



Stemless Snifter




Year Round – Select Markets



How It’s Made

Legends don’t happen by chance. They come from a series of moments, leading to one that’s remembered forever. 

A Product of New Holland Brewing Co.

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